A Ship That Leaks From the Top

when I realize I forgot the half of the specs the eve of the release


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The view of Toronto from the apartment. iPhone + filters never fail to impress me.


‘He took off like a shot’: Hamilton gym manager recalls day she sprinted after teenage vandal — and caught him
It is not easy running in black dress shoes.

Especially when it is January and the sidewalks are a slushy mess, and especially when you are 36-years-old and wearing dress pants in addition to dress shoes, and not merely out for a casual jog but sprinting, flat-out, like Florence Griffith Joyner, circa 1988, in hot pursuit of a teenager with the physique of a high school football player who had just kicked in a glass door at the fitness club where you work as the manager.

And being a responsible manager, as Lindsay Geddes at the Lime Ridge Mall GoodLife fitness club in Hamilton most definitely is, there simply wasn’t time to fret about footwear choices. There was only time to either stay put or take action on that January day in 2012. Ms. Geddes, a once-upon-a-time high school soccer star, with shoulder length blond hair and a Dad who was a cop, isn’t your sit tight and call 911 type.

“He was a bigger boy, a lot taller than I am,” Ms. Geddes tells me. “I came out of the gym and said, ‘Hey, you kicked our door in.’ And he started to walk away. Then he bolted.”

He took off like a shot.

“I thought, you know what, that’s just not right — you need to take responsibility for what you did — and so I followed him,” Ms. Geddes says. “I was on a mission. I could have run all day.” (Glenn Lowson for the National Post)


This is what the cast of Arrested Development looks like now! More here: natpo.st/11G5O2j


Adam Scott on yesterday’s show. #conan #adamscott #parksandrecreation #partydown #Masters2013
(at Warner Bros Stage 15)

Awesome ad from Audi. 

Landed in a rainy San Francisco. at San Francisco Airport – View on Path.

Off to California. – View on Path.

I have a dog that can only sleep under your blanket. – View on Path.



In 2004 I took a road trip. One of the highlights was Silicon Valley, where I tracked down Steve Jobs’ house and stole his newspaper from the curb.

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Michael Rohde Aden shoots photos from underneath dressers and tables combines them with photos of the ceiling to create a faux view from below. Trippy, eh?

The View From Below

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For those who do want a side-by-side comparison chart, Rene Ritchie of iMore went ahead and updated the one Amazon made to be slightly more accurate.

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